Demo Reel and Portfolio

Portfolio Update 2018

 My Updated Resume for 2018.

2018 Demo Reel (apologies, I haven’t updated a recent Demo Reel, yet.)

Full Comic Book:

This is my original Comic Book, Tales of Mytherwrel, from Writing, Illustrations, and Lettering.

Interior Colouring Comic Book:

My position in Electric Lips Comics is Concept Art and Interior Colouring.

Concept Sketches for Series Pitches:

Kids in the park  The Club House_with kids

Creature Designs:

xireon-bilu jungle_cepliatara-sm



“An Open Door” feature film Storyboard, 3D model background with 2D character details sketched on top:

shot_5-Render_Sketch shot_1-Render_Sketch shot_9-Render_Sketch shot_5-Render_Sketch


“The Open Door” Teaser Trailer. I Modeled and animated the Door.




Graphic Designs:

  PHOTOSHOP         Adobe_InDesign_icon    INDESIGN    showposter    ILLUSTRATOR


  MAYA         harmony_logo   HARMONY          ANIMATE

Video/Sound Editing:

adobe-after-effects-logo    AFTER EFFECTS      PREMIERE      ENCORE       AUDITION


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