Demo Reel and Portfolio

I am currently working on two comic books and a few animation projects. However, you can still contact me to hire me for specific projects.

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3D Models

(The following models are done using Blender )

These are a few of the models I did for the animation above.

These two swords I modelled for future issues in my comic book, Tales of Mytherwrel.

I also modelled this vehicle for my comic book. Applying a grease pencil to the model gives it a hand-drawn effect.

Lastly, I modelled a spaceship for an animation project.


Full Comic Book

This is my original Comic Book, Tales of Mytherwrel, from Writing, Illustrations, and Lettering.

Interior Colouring Comic Book

My position at Electric Lips Comics is Concept Art and Interior Coloring. These are samples from the Teaser 9-page comic and the first issue of The Manna Chronicles.


Concept Sketches for Series Pitches

Kids in the park  The Club House_with kids

Creature Designs

xireon-bilu jungle_cepliatara-sm


Thank you for taking the time to view some of my work.



Graphic Designs:

  PHOTOSHOP         Adobe_InDesign_icon INDESIGN    showposter ILLUSTRATOR


  MAYA         harmony_logo HARMONY        Blender

Video/Sound Editing:

adobe-after-effects-logo AFTER EFFECTS      AUDITION


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