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Hi, welcome to my special page. You can choose any of your favorite images below and you can buy anything from T-shirts, mugs, to even shower curtains.


I thought I would try something different and illustrate a mermaid/siren swimming under the sea. For everyone that loves the fantasy of swimming as a mermaid.
Popper-ToT is a little alien that hides in an egg shape shell. The moment he comes to earth, he befriends a boy named Billy. Now Billy and his friends are protecting the little fella from secret agents that are searching for him.

Yellow Bridge Club

Angie, and her older brother, Willy (who lives with Downs Syndrome and ADHD) form a clubhouse in their backyard. There they and their friends imagine traveling through time and space. From meeting famous people to visiting historical places, they can travel among the stars!
here’s my flagship promo poster for Tales of Mytherwrel
Here’s the Compass Logo for Mytherwrel
Another Logo design I created for Mytherwrel
Tales of Mytherwrel character, entitled, The Tree Spirit
Yes, this is a crazy looking rag doll named, Ms. Margi
Well, she is a crazy doll, that thinks she can spell…
Ms. Margi is just Stuffed with Attitude!
More of my artwork on Merch can be found with ELP (Ian Fults) Redbubble page as well.
You may also check out ELP’s own Shop online website as well to find work I’ve done.

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