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Portfolio Update 2018

 My Updated Resume for 2018.

2018 Demo Reel.


Coloring Comic Book:

Worked on the coloring of a comic book by Electric Lips Productions, entitled “The Manna Chronicles”. Created and written by Ian Fults, and art by Antoine Sandoval.


Character Designs:

Some character designs I did for a Video Game.


These are a few recent character designs and environment sketches for potential animated series I created.

Kids in the park Angie_Willy_onGrass The Club House_with kids

The original background of the following four images has been done by José Antonio Germán García. The 3D models and illustrations of the characters.  The floating castle in the first of four images is done by me.


Thenia_Temeska_Farm-poster-sm Ha-Dain_University-Poster-smaller

xireon-bilu jungle_cepliatara-sm maleanubis-sm



“An Open Door” feature film Storyboard, 3D model background with 2D character details sketched on top:

shot_5-Render_Sketch shot_1-Render_Sketch shot_9-Render_Sketch shot_5-Render_Sketch

My Storyboard Animatic sample for my flagship project, Tales of Mytherwrel.


Other works I’ve done:

“The Open Door” Teaser Trailer.  I Modeled and animated the Door.
Tales of Mytherwrel” Animated Teaser.  I created the characters, modeled them in 3D and animated them. I also animated in After Effects the first two intro scenes.  Other members of my team: Matt Taylor, animated the Dragon, and Raj Rishi Mitra modeled the background and set the lighting in each of the scenes. José Antonio Germán designed concept art for the first two scenes.




Graphic Designs:

  PHOTOSHOP         Adobe_InDesign_icon    INDESIGN    showposter    ILLUSTRATOR


  MAYA         harmony_logo   HARMONY          ANIMATE

Video/Sound Editing:

adobe-after-effects-logo    AFTER EFFECTS      PREMIERE      ENCORE       AUDITION


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