Video Review on one of my Fanfiction Stories

I came across this recently.  I must say how impressed, and honored that someone loved my stories so much that they made a video on it.

A Demonic Demigod Named Kenny” is a story I wrote based on South Park and Matt Stone and Tray Parker’s characters.

If you would like to read this story and share your comments, I would be interested in reading your thoughts.

My 3D Demo Reel

The Bastion City project I was involved with at Kage Productions ( I also did a Crowdfund Video for a film called “An Open Door”. Prototype model for a client, and revising a character for an animation clip for a none profit origination called Aqua Friends.

The two music I used for this is: Mastered, by Tifgy x Mach x MSTFA

Founded here:

Tales of Mytherwrel on Access TV

Journey with us on an adventure. I was interviewed a few weeks ago, talking about creation, Tales of Mytherwrel.  My creative friend Ian Fults, creator of Zug, the Friendly Orc was interviewed along with me.

We were on Access TV last week. We were able to get a digital copy, and posted it on the Sorceress Raven Production YouTube Channel.

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The official Tales of Mytherwrel Teaser

The long awaited Teaser Trailer for Tales of Mytherwrel is posted on “Tales of Mytherwrel” YouTube Channel.

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